Taren Blue, also known as Flanigan, is a 2017 ID colt, out of Tara Wood, by our Stallion Manu Forti's Out of the Blue.

We estimate he'll be in the 16.1 hand range when grown, is an nice mover, with a sensible attitude, also consider him quality enough to be run on as a stallion prospect.

His bloodlines, bring in Tara, Touch of the Blues, Milestone, Cloverhill, Ben Purple, Silver Jasper, Skippy, Paddy's Pride and Pride of Shaunlara, along with many other great names in his pedigree. 

He'll be an asset either for breeding, or if looking for a nice performance horse.



Taren Blue


ManuForti's Out of the Blue

2012 ID stallion

Touch of the Blues


1987 16.3 hds Black RID

Blue Rajah


Blue Peter

1959 Grey 15.3 hds RID


1978 RID

Seafin Lady

1978 Chestnut RID


1973 Chestnut RID 16.2 1/2 hds

Dana's Pride

1969 Chestnut RID

The Pride of Gloster

RID Stallion

Bantry's Pride

RID Mare

Cappah Lass

RID mare

SandyHill Boy

RID Stallion

Ard Lass

RID mare

Tara Wood

2007 ID Filly

Powerswood Purple

Powerswood Best

Mary Jane III

Atlantic Boy

1960 RID

Jane Eyre III

Stoneygate Starlight

2000 Liver Chestnut 16.2 RID

Paddy's Pride

1977 16.1 Grey RID

Kilmore Heather

1967 grey RID

Casting Vote

1960 Chestnut RID

Silver Jasper

RID Grey 16.2 1977